Westend's Me-time Room

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Westend decided to raise brand awareness by standing out for a good cause and by empowering women. We dedicated a full month to women and encouraged me-time, self-rewarding and self-indulgence as a reward for their unselfishness.

We transformed an empty store of Westend to a mind-blowing Me-time Room. Women could enter to the amazing secret room with a free ticket from the Westend mobile app, where they could have a unique indulging and pampering me-time experience including massage, manicure, hairdressing and cocktails. Entrants were also given a me-time-training by a well-known female psychologist who was talking about the importance of putting themselves first. We generated buzz by a VIP opening on International Women's Day and selected the first invitees of the Me-Time Room by a social experiment stunt. On 8th March, an interviewer stopped random women at Westend and presented them with a dilemma. If they passed “The test of unselfishness”, they could enter to the Room to learn to indulge and put themselves first.


Westend Me-time room. The Mall that made women realise they sometimes need to put themselves first, campaign from 2019.

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