My name is Georgina Dobrik, but feel free to call me Georgie. You can find

my professional resume here, I hope that you will get the gist of my passion

for the creative industry and we'll have the chance to work together. 


Digital Focused Ideas  Visual Identity     Branding 

 Project Management    Social Media   

Time Management   Conceptional Thinking


February 2021 -  Present

Art Director

Concept Art Director
Creative concept development, art direction, design

October 2019 - March 2010

Junior Art Director

I've recently joined the concept team as a Junior Art Director.

January 2019 - October

Junior Graphic Designer

In January 2019, I got the chance to become a Junior Graphic Designer

for the Ogilvy / Geometry Group. Since then, I've been a recklessly

zealous member of the creative team, trying my best to put my passion

and style into my work.

2014 - 2018

Project Management

I worked for several creative agencies (HPS Group, Ogilvy/Geometry,

DDB Budapest) starting as a Account Assistant and gradually becoming a

Senior Account Executive


July 2019

University of Arts London (UAL)

I spent a month in the fascinating city of London and completed various intensive courses, such as Enhanced Illustration, Art Direction for Film,

100 Projects and Magazine Layout.

March - June 2019

University of Fine Arts (MKE)

 I completed an intensive 3-month UX/UI Designer Course at one

of Hungary's most prestigious art schools.

2018 - 2019

Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design (MOME)

I enrolled on a 1-year course on Visual Grammar.

2017 - 2018

Budapest Metropolitan University (METU)

I completed my second degree course in New Media Design

2016 - 2017

Top School Training Centre

I gained a Certificate of Higher Education (OKJ) in Graphic Design

2013 - 2015

Péter Pázmány Catholic University

Degree in Communication. 

Awards & Others

2021 June

Zsenge Penge Creative Competition - 1st Prize

We won the first place in the Hungarian Zsenge Penge competition Cyber Category with my copywriter partner.

You can find our presentation here:

2021 June

Kreatív Magazin - Printed Publication

One-page printed publication in Kreatív Magazin.

2021 June

Addict Blog - Publication

2021 May

Nagy Kreatív Nap - Presentation

You can find the sream here (first video 04:58:32):

Presentation is here:

2021 February

Kreatív Magazin - Publication

2020 February

Young Glory Competition
2nd and 3rd Prize for November

We won a silver and a bronze prize at the same time in a global 
competition called Young Glory, in professional category. 

You can find our presentations here: 

Presentation 1:

Presentation 2:

2021 February

Kreatív Magazin - Publication

2021 February

Young Glory Creative Competition
1st Prize for October

We won a gold prize in a global competition called Young Glory,
in professional category. 
You can find our presentation here:

2019 December

Geometry Hungary Internal Award

Yearly award based on colleagues Hungarian Geometry Global

1st prize - Master of Curiosity
1st prize - Rookie of the Year 
1st prize - Person of the year

2019 December

Art Directors Club of Europe - Festival review

2019 November

Eurobest Preselection Competition - 1st Prize

We won the first place in the Hungarian Eurobest Preselection with my copywriter partner and had the chance to take a part in Eurobest 

Young Creatives competition.

You can find our presentation here:

2019 October

Nemes Juli Competition - 1st Prize

I won first place in a Hungarian Creative Competition (Nemes Juli

Memorial Competition) with my copywriter partner.

You can find our presentation here:

2018 July

Honorable Mention

I got an additional Certificate of Excellence to my diploma.

I instantly fell in love with the vibe of creative agencies, and have enjoyed working on all kinds of projects ever since. I especially like developing conceptual ideas and am rather good at working under time pressure.

My favourite kinds of projects include visual identities for brands, illustration and experimental design